Toddler 1 Room

Head Teacher: Miss Kathy

Assistant Teacher: Miss Jenn

In the Toddler One room we are ALWAYS busy!  Whether it’s participating in a gross motor activity, creating art or engaging in our sensory table, we are constantly on the go!  We enjoy all the sensory stimulation from taking walks such as splashing in puddles and picking flowers.  We also interact with the residents over at the Villa.  In the coming months we will be discussing various topics such as autumn, fire prevention and Halloween.  We will also be focusing on the many things God provides us with that we are thankful for and Jesus’ birthday and a visit from jolly old St. Nick.  The above mentioned are just a few activities that not only keep us active toddlers busy but also teach us valuable lessons in social/emotional skills and build on our ever growing vocabulary.

Daily Schedule

6:00-8:00  Arrive and combine with Infant Room- Breakfast and Child initiated play

(breakfast concludes at 7:30 am)

8:00  Toddler One Room- Hand washing, Diapering, Child initiated play

8:50  Clean up, Hand washing

9:00  Snack

9:20  Hand washing, Music/Dancing/Exercise

9:30  Book of the day, Project of the day, and Child initiated play 

9:55  Clean up

10:00  Outdoor play

10:30  Hand washing, Diapering, Books/Child initiated play

10:50  Prepare lunches

11:00  Hand washing, Lunch

11:30  Diapering, Hand washing

11:45-3:00  Naptime

 (varies for each individual child, diaper each child when they awaken from their nap)

3:00  Hand washing, Snack

3:20  Hand washing, Child initiated play

4:00  Outdoor play

4:45  Hand washing, Diapering

5:00-6:00  Pick up and combine with Infant Room- Child initiated play