Preschool and Pre-K Half Day Class

 Head Teacher: Miss Donna R.

Hooray, it’s time for school! The half day classes of Pre-K and Preschool will engage in activities that will promote social development, strengthen fine and gross motor skills and enhance their cognitive abilities.  Over the next few months holidays will be celebrated with parties, letter and number pages will be completed for their portfolios and various art techniques will be explored. These and many other activities will build friendships and allow the children to have fun all while learning.


Miss Donna Mae



Daily Schedule

9:00-9:15  Greeting, Hand washing, Centers

9:15-9:35  Group circle time- pledge, calendar, weather, theme, letter and number review, shape and color of the week, and story

9:35-9:40  Bathroom break

9:40-10:00  Outdoor play or indoor gross motor activity

10:00-10:05  Hand washing

10:05-10:20  Snack

10:20-10:25  Clean up and hand washing

10:25-10:45  Project of the day

10:45-11:35  Small group art/centers-blocks, library, science, manipulatives, drama

11:35-11:40  Clean up

11:40-11:45  Singing/Dance/Movement

11:45-11:55 Show & Tell or story time

11:55-12:00  Prepare for pick up