Toddler 2/3 Room

Head Teacher: Miss Donna

Assistant Teachers: Miss Joann and Miss Marijo

Here it is September.  It’s hard to believe that summer is behind us and a new school year is beginning.  So many fun activities are being planned for our toddler 2/3 children.

September is the time to make new friends and adjust to the everyday activities in the toddler 2 room.  We will be exploring the changes in nature from summer to fall. 

Families will be participating in a fun filled event in October.  It’s our annual Fall Family Fun Night.  What better way to spend some time with your child playing games, making crafts, eating ice cream, perusing books at our Scholastic Book Fair and much more!

As colder weather arrives, we will be preparing for our Thanksgiving feast which all the children at GSLC participate in.  Then we turn the corner and there is Christmas with parties and a visit from Santa.

The staff in the toddler 2/3 room is so blessed to be such an integral part of the children’s lives that God has allowed us to love and care for.

Daily Schedule

6:00 Arrival/Child initiated play

8:00 Potty/Wash hands

8:50  Clean up 

9:00  Wash hands

9:10  Snack

9:25 Wash hands

9:30-9:50 Social Circle-including story time and music movement

9:50 Project/Child initiated play

10:00  Potty/Wash hands

10:35  Clean up

10:45 Outdoor play

11:10  Wash hands

11:15 Lunch

12:00  Potty/Wash hands

12:20  Story time

12:30-2:45  Nap time

2:45  Potty/Wash hands

3:15  Snack

3:30-6:00  Outdoor/Indoor play, Pick up